8 April, 2011

Berlin in Spring

Visited Berlin last weekend which was significantly warmer than when I was there last October with temperatures in the lower twenties.

Apart from the 3 hour delay on my Easyjet flight back it was a great weekend spent mostly visiting museums including The Jewish Museum, The Topography of Terror exhibition and the New National Gallery.

Apart from being excellent cultural centres they are all incredible buidlings, the Jewish Museum itself is comprised of two buidlings one of which is designed by Daniel Libeskind (pictured above) and the New National Gallery is a late work by Meis van der Rohe.

The Topography of Terror buidling is by an architect I hadn’t previously heard of called Ursula Wilms and is a brilliant exhibition space housing an extremely interesting exhibition on the rise and fall of the Nazis. In actual fact it is in many ways similar to the Meis van der Rohe building.

I also had my first Currywurst.

Currywurst sausage and roll

I have to say the food in Berlin is excellent.

There’s more photos over on my Flickr account.