30 July, 2014

Logo Design

Originally I didn’t think I’d create a logo for this site but started thinking about it quite a bit and eventually began putting some ideas down on paper and quite quickly thought of combining my initials with an infinity symbol. The infinity symbol (∞) is found on most camera lenses where you have the ability to manually focus so there was an obvious connection to photography.

The symbol is not normally stylized particularly on the camera ring, at least not on modern cameras, and usually looks like a figure of 8 on its side.

I made the logo in Adobe Illustrator by performing a live trace on a gif image I found on the internet to give me an outline I could work with, I then used the pen tool to cut the path to break the loop and then joined the path ends back together. I finally tweaked the curves slightly and used a roundel as a background before exporting it as an SVG file.

This is logo image you see in the page header unless you’re looking at this site in IE8 (which doesn’t support SVG) in which case it’s a PNG. Normally the image looks like the infinity symbol but mousing over it rotates the image to look more like the letters JP.